Update on State-Wide Water Plan

From the Source // March 2011

The Georgia State-Wide Water Plan was mandated by the 2004 Comprehensive State-wide Water Management Planning Act, and was adopted by the General Assembly in 2008.  The State Water Plan created ten regional water planning councils, and requires the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to provide technical assistance to these regional councils in preparing water plans.

Since 2009, the state's ten regional water planning councils have been formulating the plans for their respective regions.  This process included multiple meetings of the individual regional water councils including training and guidance provided by EPD staff, information on the current and expected future state of Georgia’s water resources, and tools available for developing these plans.  Initial draft regional water plans were submitted to EPD at the end of January 2011.  Over the next few months, EPD will review these draft regional water plans and invite the public to comment on them.  The regional water councils will incorporate the EPD and public comments into a revised draft of the document. These final drafts of the regional water plans will be submitted to the EPD by the end of June 2011.

The links below contain a summary of each individual water region’s council activities, key water issues, and further information on the water region such as water usage, council members, and an annotated map of their respective regions.

Altamaha Regional Council

Coastal Georgia Regional Council 

Coosa-North Georgia Regional Council

Lower Flint Regional Council 

Middle Chattahoochee Regional Council

Middle Ocmulgee Regional Council

Savannah-Upper Ogeechee Regional Council

Suwannee-Satilla Regional Council 

Upper Flint Regional Council

Upper Oconee Regional Council


More comprehensive information can be found on the Georgia Comprehensive State-Wide Water Plan website.