The division assists Georgia's citizens, businesses, governments, and institutions in implementing sustainability practices. Technical assistance is provided in response to phone inquiries, electronic communications, mail, workshops, and on-site visits. Assistance is free, confidential, and non-regulatory in nature. Our technical staff can assist you with implementing sustainability practices, including, but not limited to the following:

  • conserving natural resources through efficient operations;
  • using renewable material and energy sources;
  • reusing and recycling materials into new products;
  • substituting less harmful chemicals in manufacturing processes; and
  • using closed-loop systems that eliminate chemical discharges to the environment.

Specific services include trainings and workshops, recycling/solid waste assistance, and agricultural P2 assistance. Partners in the division's Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia also have access to additional services and benefits.

Organizations seeking specific assistance in complying with environmental regulations should review our list of compliance assistance resources.