Sustainability Division Services

Sustainable Office Toolkit

With the online S.O.T. you will find resources and information to help your business improve it's environmental performance in an effort to become a more sustainable operation.

Water Conservation Workshops

 The Sustainability Division has provided workshops for many organizations in Georgia.  Materials and presentations from these workshops can be found here.

ISO 14001 Training and Consulting Resources

The Sustainability Division throught the Georgia Environmental Partnership (GEP), with Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia Engineering Outreach program can provide training to facility personnel for establishing an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on the ISO Standard 14001.


 Sustainability Division personnel can helpo you provide information relative to your group or facility. Our personnel are trained facilitators and regularly conduct workshops and facilitate discussions between groups of stakeholders to resolve important issues.  This section contains some previous presentations and facilitations we have made recently.  Please contact us if you would like a custom presentation or facilitation for your employees or stakeholder group.