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Update on State-Wide Water Plan

Since 2009, the state's ten regional water planning councils have been formulating the plans for their respective regions.  This process included multiple meetings of the individual regional water councils including training and guidance provided by EPD staff, information on the current and expected future state of Georgia’s water resources, and tools available for developing these plans.  Initial draft regional water plans were submitted to EPD at the end of January 2011.

Message from the Director-Spring 2011

Atlanta, Ga. (3/4/2011)

From the Source // March 2011

A belated Happy New Year to all! It seems like only yesterday we were putting the wraps on 2010, celebrating another year of success for the Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia. Today, we find ourselves having survived January’s “snowmageddon” and the seemingly endless series of winter storm advisories that warn of the “wintry mix” that brings Atlanta traffic to a careening halt.

Environmental Lessons Learned from 2010

Atlanta, Ga. (3/4/2011)

Kathleen Miller
Kathi Irvine

Energy Efficiency a Moral Imperative – to Save Money

Atlanta, Ga. (3/4/2011)

Nearly nine out of ten Fortune 1000 senior executives feel a moral responsibility to make their companies more energy efficient, and 13 percent say environmental concerns are their main motivator to save energy.
A poll by Harris Interactive, on behalf of Schneider Electric, found that 88 percent of executives feel a moral responsibility to cut energy use, beyond simply the ethical imperative to follow regulatory requirements.