Just Ask Chuck

What can I do with my old gasoline?

This is a great question because old gasoline can be reconditioned and reused. If you have siphoned out the old gas to more properly recondition it, look for water in the gas which will separately pool in the bottom as water is heavier than gas. Also look for particles of dirt, rust, flakes, etc., that may also have collected in the tank or container...

What is paper?

An easy question, right?  But the answer is probably more complex than you’d expect for such a common material that we all touch and work with every day....

What should I do with unused or out-of-date precription drugs?

At this time, the state of Georgia has no specific laws regulating the disposal of unwanted drugs. There are some pharmacies in Georgia that will take back unwanted medications. Visit http://www.disposemymeds.org/ and click the Locator tab to find them...Click title for more information.

Just Ask Chuck- What is a MURF?

Years ago garbage trucks collecting in densely populated cities would empty their rather small loads at a warehouse (called a Transfer Station) rather than make a long drive to a rural dump.  The trash was then loaded into very large open top trucks destined for the dump.  One day a smart observer noticed that a lot of the “garbage” could be sold (e.g., aluminum cans) if it was picked out of the trash.