Press Release

Energy Efficiency a Moral Imperative – to Save Money

Atlanta, Ga. (3/4/2011)

Nearly nine out of ten Fortune 1000 senior executives feel a moral responsibility to make their companies more energy efficient, and 13 percent say environmental concerns are their main motivator to save energy.
A poll by Harris Interactive, on behalf of Schneider Electric, found that 88 percent of executives feel a moral responsibility to cut energy use, beyond simply the ethical imperative to follow regulatory requirements.

But the executives said cost savings are their biggest energy-saving motivator. Savings were the prime motivator chosen by 61 percent of executives, compared to 13 percent choosing environmental concerns, ten percent citing CEO mandates, and only two percent choosing government regulations.

Seven percent chose education as the biggest factor, saying that they would change vbehaior if they knew how to reduce consumption. Another seven percent said increased costs were the biggest motivator, saying their companies would use less energy if it was a more expensive product.