Press Release

Environmental Lessons Learned from 2010

Atlanta, Ga. (3/4/2011)

Kathleen Miller
Kathi Irvine
Miller Consultants


As we enter 2011, we join much of the Western world in reflecting on the past year and making resolutions for the New Year. First, we celebrate our clients’ increased awareness of issues pertaining to environmental sustainability. Their raised attentiveness to environmental concerns leaves us optimistic for their actions in 2011. Yet we know that awareness and interest don’t necessarily translate readily into behavior. Our resolution for 2011 is to help our clients turn awareness and interest into impactful action to address sustainability.   


Of course we know that the path that leads to action is complex indeed! For example, in order to behave in accordance with new awareness, our clients will need to know what to do and how to do it. Also, most everyone is more likely to act when it is convenient to do so. And, of course, the effect of associated incentives and rewards should never be underestimated. Organizational norms, more commonly referred to as “corporate culture,” play a significant role in achieving goals through action. Lastly, good old peer pressure often works wonders in sparking actions.


We would like to offer a few lessons learned and examples from our clients concerning how to jumpstart actions that will lead to impactful results in 2011.