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P2 Infohouse

P2 infoHouse is a searchable collection of more than 40,000 pollution prevention documents. Feel free to search their full reference collection for aticles on pollution prevention, air, water, energy, waste and many more categories.

Waste Reduction

The goal of this module is to help your office learn what you’ve been throwing away, what it costs, and how you can help your office or company begin traveling the path toward sustainability.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Also referred to as Environmental Purchasing, Affirmative Procurement, Green Procurement, and Green Purchasing, EPP is a process that deals with buying products or services that will reduce impact on human health and the environment.

Energy Conservation

This module is designed as an overview of energy and electricity production and to guide you through how to reduce your energy use and costs.

Water Conservation

Water-efficiency programs can result in savings in the cost of water, sewer, and energy. This module provides an overview of water efficiency in institutional and commercial buildings with the intention of evaluating types of water uses, current water-efficient technologies available, and potential water-conservation savings that could be achieved.

Alternative Transportation

As used in this module, alternative transportation refers to any method of transportation other than driving as the sole occupant in a gas-powered vehicle. It can mean carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling, taking mass transit, or driving hybrid vehicles. For the purposes of this module, we also include teleworking and other forms of alternative work practices, as these practices also result in fewer cars on our roads.

Green Building

This module will discuss aspects of green building for building owners, and green leasing for building renters. What is a green or sustainable building?

Corporate Social Responsibility

Although not a completely new direction for business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an increasingly important part of today’s business environment. A widely quoted definition by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development states that...